If you’re someone who’s looking for ways to kick – start your social media presence and build a community brand and resonate with your marketing goals, our social media experts know just the right ways to reach them 

Social media marketing is a very broad term often misunderstood or even underestimated by many brands. But here’s the truth- branding and strategy, content marketing, video production, photography, social activations, influencer marketing, lead generation – Social Media Marketing is a confluence of them all.

Social Media Campaigns

Designing a pretty post or running one successful contest is a good start, but not enough in the highly competitive social media space. What every brand needs is continuous innovative social campaigning.

When CC works for your brand, we use innovative campaigns to build affinity towards your brand while attracting more eyeballs, generating more quality leads, and taking engagement to the next level.

Content Marketing

Great content is of no use if not marketed with the right strategy. Creating great content leads to an engaging storytelling!

At CC, our experts choose and even mix various content formats so that a loyal and vocal social community is grown for your brand on the foundation of Well-done content Marketing 

Way of Working With Social Media Platforms.

  • Business Facebook – basics
  • Creating a Business Account
  • Syncing GSTIN details
  • Tow-factor authentication
  • Admin Rights
  • Creating a Lead Generation Campaign 
  • Traffic – website click Campaign on the spot
  • Engagement
  • Social Media Ads Planner Tool
  • Developing Strategies
  • Understand The Target Audience
  • Follow Trends
  • Handle Critics 
  • Analyse Result